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2 Responses to Thanks for visiting my blog!

  1. Jean Maxwell says:

    Dear Adrianne Lee, Love your website, but to the point. I belong to RWInk (Chapter 193). I read your most informative article in RWA144 from Sept/Oct 2005 in Vol. 11 Issue 5. “Critical Ingredients To Writing Page Turners” which I would like your permission for us to reprint in our “Inklings”. Would you consider this?

    I’ll look for your work now. jean

  2. Orysia says:

    Personally, I’ve always liked the Gunn brothers’ story and would have loved to see you make it into a bigger book like Nora Robert’s “Montana”. And, I think your post is really good. Your struggles as a writer who is trying to get published after a dry spell really hits home to a lot of writers who have been in your situation. So keep on going and I hope you get a lot of responses….

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