To Write or Not to Write

I put together a proposal for a trilogy set in Montana that I thought was perfect for Harlequin’s Intrigue line.  14 of my books have been published as Intrigues.   I loved writing those books and had my heart set on continuing to write for Intrigue.  I knew my readers would love this trilogy.  Unfortunately, HQ didn’t feel the same way.  So, I’m debating what to do with it.

My agent has sent the trilogy proposal to another editor or two, but if they reject the trilogy, should I go ahead and finish writing the stories and put them out myself as e-books?

The stories revolve around Clan Gunn siblings, two brothers and a sister, who are of Scottish and Cree descent.  These stores are packed with family dynamics, murderous suspense, and sexy titillation.  What do you think?  Should I write the series?  Would you purchase and read this trilogy? Everyone who posts a response will be entered in a contest to win a free copy of one of my backlist books.  Your choice.

So, here is the opening of the first Clan Gunn Trilogy:






“Slow down or I’ll bleed out!” Justice Gunn shouted at his brother Noble.

Noble growled and punched up the speed until dust billowed behind the one-ton dually pickup as it careened down the rutted Montana road like an unhinged, three-wheeled carnival ride.

Justice considered grabbing the key.  Shutting off the motor.  Stopping the truck cold.  But likely that would further infuriate Noble.

Clan Gunn motto: aut pax aut bellum

     Either Peace or War.

     Why, Justice wondered, did he always end up with war?  Should he blame the Viking blood of his Scottish ancestors from whom he’d inherited cobalt eyes and a strong chin?  Or his Cree grandmother who’d passed to him raven hair and a tenacious spirit?

Maybe the combination makes me look like I’m itchin’ for a fight, he thought, snatching the brim of his buckskin Stetson before it flew off into the thin, crisp air and landed in the field.  This section of the 500 acre Smoking Gunn–the Gunn family’s ranch–backed up to Glacier National Park.

The seldom used road they traveled was a short cut to town, shortened more by Noble’s breakneck speeds.  Fenced, miles-wide pastures of amber hay–that stretched to distant snow-capped mountain peaks–passed in a haze of sunlight and endless blue sky.  Heaven on Earth to Justice usually, but right now pain robbed his appreciation.

“I’m bleeding all over the damned seat,” he barked.  His right hand held a bath towel pressed to four, six inch slashes on his upper thigh.  Every bump spiked his pain and cranked his temper past eruption.  “You should have stitched this leg at the house.”

It was the wrong thing to say.

“I’m a vet, not a doctor.”  Noble, a throwback to the Norse side of the family–as blond as Justice was dark–cast an ice blue glare and accelerated again.  The work-battered pickup groaned and bounced, dodged the occasional Scottish Pine, flew past a Siberian Larch.  Tires slammed uneven rock bed, each hit punishing Justice more.

You could have been cougar lunch,” Noble ground through clenched teeth.  “What were you doing alone in the north field at dawn?”

The tips of Justice’s ears heated.  They’d reached the lower pastures, Angus cows and spring calves grazed oblivious to the drama in the pickup.  He fought the urge to touch his pocket, to feel the worn photo there.  No.  Where he’d really been, what he’d really been doing was private.  His brother didn’t believe in powers beyond this earth.  Justice did.

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12 Responses to To Write or Not to Write

  1. Anne Martin ( :) ) says:

    Write it, write it, write it! Its good. The character’s engaging & now I want to know what he was doing?????

  2. Adrianne, I love this. I’d definitely read more. Self-pub them or send them to a good small digital press. That’s where the future is at anyway. Hope to see you tomorrow.

  3. Lavada Dee says:

    Congratulations on getting your blog up. I love wordpress.

    I enjoyed the excerpt it would be shame not to have this story published.

  4. Cousin Chris says:

    Well Cousin… know that without fail I would buy and read ANY book you write……so PLEASE go for it!!!

  5. I’d wait until your agent thinks the traditional publishers are too blind to see what they have, then I’d self publish. That assumes YOU like the series and want to invest the time to write them. Heaven knows we want to read them.

  6. Laurie Ryan says:

    Wow. Great opening, Adrianne. Very intense. I’d say write them. I’m a firm believer that, in order to get to the green side of the financial line in this business, you need to 1) have a backlist, and 2) be published in multiple venues. So yeah, if they don’t get picked up by one of the pubs your agent sent them to, epub them, either yourself or through a digital only or digital first publisher.

  7. Karen Papandrew says:

    Yes, definitely. There’s no way we’ll ever be able to read them if you don’t write them!

  8. I’ve enjoyed each one of your books that I’ve read (quite a few) and so I say YES! Write them and put them up as e-books. Harlequin will be sorry and you’ll have the satisfaction of pleasing many readers (and making some money).

  9. dawn Barbera says:

    I liked what I read so far. I would go for it. If you don’t write it I agree we can’t read it.

  10. Chuck Mitchell says:

    I thought I would check out your new site. I read your sample and loved it. Sounds like a great story. I don’t normally read these kind of books, bjt I might and I’m sure my wife would. She received a nook for Christmas and her birthday is coming up in March. I think the e book idea is great and will be ready to purchase when they are available. Keep up the great writing, you have talent. 🙂

  11. Kiki says:

    Lee, you have to finish what you started…don’t leave us fans hanging…you enticed us, now bring your plans to fruition!…whatever format works for me….I’d pick the one that could make you more money…are either of these guys gonna have some characteristics of my Nick, lol?????? He’s my alltime favorite Intrigue hero……as I constantly remind you! Anyhoo, just go to work, girlfriend and keep us posted…….btw, this is the first blog I ever joined….hope I know what to do.,…hugs, kiki

  12. Barbara says:


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