February is a month of celebrations and sadness in my family, but always a month of love.

February has been a special month to me my whole life since it’s the month I was born.   Forget about asking my age.   I won’t tell.   Well, actually I will, but just not here.  🙂

February has also always been special to me because it was my father’s birthday month.  He was a Leap Year baby, born on the 29th.   What I miss most about him in February is his calling me to sing me Happy Birthday.   When I was growing up, he was my Valentine.

I don’t know about you, but I used to LOVE Valentine’s Day.   I so looked forward to those little boxes of Valentine’s, reading them and figuring out which one of my classmates would get the cute one with the puppy and which would get the mushy one.

As I grew older, I dreamed of beaus who would remember me on Valentine’s Day with flowers or candy or both.   The fantasy never matched the reality, but my mom always made the day special for my sister and me.  She would take us to lunch, wish us happy VD–yes, she was a fun and funny–and give us some inexpensive trinket to commemorate our special afternoon together.

In 2009, February became the month we lost our first born daughter, Kim, to cervical cancer that was discovered too late.   She was 45 and gone too soon.   She loved Valentine’s Day.  She got the guy who always remembered with flowers and candy.    Just thinking about her fills me with love and missing her and a craving for chocolate.

What does February mean to you?

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11 Responses to FEBRUARY ~ MONTH OF LOVE

  1. randee jo says:

    Loved your February story!!! It’s also a sad yet happy time for me too.My brother passed away in February..he was 42 and died of pancreatic cancer.My dad is also gone but I always remember him on valentines day………mom and dad married on valentines ! So February has its ups and downs…mostly ups cause we just remember all the wonderful things!!

  2. Kate Douglas says:

    February is the month my husband proposed–on Valentine’s Day, and I still tease him about it, forty years later, because at the time he didn’t KNOW it was Valentine’s Day! I don’t even think he intended to ask me to marry him, but he did and I said yes before he had time to rethink his unplanned (can we say ‘in the heat of passion?’) request! It will be our fortieth anniversary this coming May, and he’s still the guy I’d pick out of a crowded room to take me home. So yeah, February is special to me and probably always will be.

    I have to side with randee jo and say the best way to get past the sad memories is to remember the good ones. From what you’ve said about Kim, she was a truly special young woman and you’re so lucky to have the wonderful memories of the time you had her with you to share them.

  3. There’s nothing that comes closer to smoothing out sad memories than our happy memories. May your Februarys continue to build even more happy memories for you.

  4. Lavada Dee says:

    Okayyyy, I have to be the unromantic and say that for years I liked February because it was the last quiet month before spring and the shortest making the budget look better.

    But it is a month for romance and I’ve been sooooo fortunate in life with the guy I met in high school.

  5. Celeste Deveney says:

    What a lovely post, Adrienne. I can see where this month is a mixed bag of emotions for you, but the memories are all sweet!
    I used to hate February, until I met my husband, John. He always remembers Valentine’s Day by leaving me three cards (a mushy one, a funny one and a serious, loving one) that he leaves all over the house and in my car. He puts them in places where I’ll find them during the course of the day. Oh and not a day goes by when he doesn’t tell me he loves madly me at least 3 times.
    That makes every day Valentine’s day.

  6. Laurie Ryan says:

    February, for me, is that last gasp of hibernation before the colors of spring (and the ensuing flowerbed work) comes to light. It’s the last of the “slower” months for me. Life picks up after this so I try to enjoy the more relaxed pace while I can.
    As for Valentine’s Day, I am blessed with a husband who doesn’t generally bring me flowers on the actual day. Instead, I’ll get them every once in a while for no other reason than that he loves me. I can definitely live with that. 🙂 He’s my hero.

  7. February the years before would me to me a phone call and surprise from my dad. He always used to get me something for Valentines day last year was a huge red monkey holding a heart that said I love you. He passed away at the end of September, so this is my first year without him. Tomorrow would have been his 54th birthday. So I think I am going to take some advice from my friends and try to remember the good times.

  8. For me February means that we’re peeking out of the winter window and at spring and warmer weather. I love Feb. because of that. Valentine’s day is nice, too, but it’s really the promise of better weather that lifts my spirits.

  9. February means we’ve gotten past January (Recovery Mode from the holidays) and have actually launched into the year. Remembering the goals I want to achieve, thinking forward to Spring Training, and I always seem to get new story ideas during this time of year. So that in itself is fun and exciting and like opening a present when the idea(s) start coming.

  10. Karen Papandrew says:

    My first date with David was a Valentine’s Day lunch. Now we’ve been married for twenty-eight years, and every day is Valentine’s Day!

  11. Adrienne, I am so so sorry for your loss. There is nothing I could write here about February that wouldn’t feel trivial to me in comparison. Thank you for sharing your story. Wishing you well.

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