I’m thrilled to announce the release of a brand new Adrianne Lee mystery. This is the one I’ve been teasing about on my website for a couple of years now.

I wrote this book the year after losing our Kim.  Kim wanted me to keep writing and so this was the result, something upbeat, funny, and still a whodunit.

The title is YOU DON’T KNOW JACK. This is the first in a series of Jack B Smart mysteries. If you like it there will be more.

JACQUELINE BOUVIÉR SMART has sworn off men and murder. But when she stumbles over a dead body and into the arms of her irresistible former lover, and then gets her best friend accused of murder, she has no choice. Jack B Smart pulls on her big girl stilettos and, with the unsolicited help of three gun packing old broads and one disgruntled ghost, sets out to find the real killer. But will the killer find her first?

At the moment the book is only available for Kindle users, but if you don’t use a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle app to read the book. This is the link to the Kindle apps.
You can read Kindle books on a computer (Mac or PC), a smartphone, a tablet, or in a web browser through the cloud reader.

Right now, the book is only available as an e-book and there are no plans at the moment for a hard copy edition.

Check out the book and the cover here:

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  1. barbhicks says:

    go buy this book!!!!! Not only is she a good friend but an awesome writer!!!

  2. Adrianne Lee says:

    Thanks, Barb. The book has 14 AWESOME reader reviews so far. 🙂

  3. Roberta says:

    I want to buy this for my nook but can not find it. Is it only on Kindel?

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