I’m currently re-reading my second published book NIGHT TERROR with an eye toward revising and updating to make it more current.  I am not happy with the original opening pages of this book.   I think (hope) I am a better writer these days.  Much as I hate to admit it, the conflict between my hero and heroine is not set up all that well either.  In fact, my heroine comes off a bit bitchy.   She’s understandably upset–given the circumstances–but every heroine should also be sympathetic.  Likeable.

So, I began revising and am very pleased with the results, or rather I was,  until I came to a place where I realized–GASP!!!!–I do not remember this story well enough to change this opening scene too much.  What if I take out a red herring?  What if kill off the actual killer?  What if I leave in something that really doesn’t matter to the story?   Oy!!!!

I have no choice but to re-read the whole book.  GROAN.  Given that once a writer finishes a book, she/he has to read it again and again before it is published for line editing and copy editing and final drafts, we can get pretty sick of any story.  No matter how good it is.   Did I also mention I am possibly the world’s slowest reader?   But, it must be done.

And since I don’t remember the story, I’m actually enjoying it.  🙂  Or rather I was, until around page 60 or so, where I discover a glaring error and can’t believe I didn’t catch it in the original read-throughs before it was first published, or that my editor or line editor didn’t catch it.  WTF??   That is their jobs.  (And mine)

Well, the wonderful thing about having the rights back to this book means I can fix this timeline problem as well as every other flaw I find.  I can even remove the 100 “thats” some copy or line editor added.   While I’m at it, maybe I’ll even change the killer just to make it more brand new all around.  =cue the wicked laughter here=  bwahahahaha.

Oops, almost forgot.   The book has a new cover too.  What do you think?

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7 Responses to REVISING & UPDATING

  1. I really like the cover, and I know how you feel about editing older books. Sometimes I cringe and sometimes I’m actually suprised that I wrote that well. 🙂

  2. Dawn Calvert says:

    I love the cover. Am both terrified and looking forward to reading it! So glad you’re bringing this one back.

  3. Laurie Ryan says:

    The cover really sets the stage well considering the title. And how exciting is it that you are able to give this baby new life. You loved it when you wrote it originally and you get to fall in love with it all over again. You’ve inspired me to get out one of my old stories, dust it off, and see what I think about it in a re-read.
    Have fun with those edits!

  4. Lavada Dee says:

    I’m so glad you posted such a candid honest glimpse at re-writing because I’m going through much the same thing. I think I could go over something 200 times and still change things. And, I love the cover.

    You’re going to feel so good when you re-release this story so hang in there.

  5. Lucy Monroe says:

    Great cover! And I usually have the opposite response to reading my books once they’re in print. Almost every time, I think, “Man, I used to be a good writer. What happened?” LOL Though if I were reading for re-release and possible re-edits, I’m sure my tune would change to a dirge. Sigh… Good for you pushing through! Mega hugs!

  6. gailharkins says:

    Ditto. Editing a book you’ve already edited a few times can be a draining experience. But, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? By the way, I love the cover. Very elemental – no pun intended.

  7. Karen Papandrew says:

    Exciting cover. Stay tuned. It’s going to be an exciting re-write. I’ve had a sneak preview. Heh, heh, heh, heh. . .

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