What don’t you know about Jack?  Hmmm.  Let’s see. . .

When I created this blog site it was with Jack–the heroine of YOU DON’T KNOW JACK–Jacqueline Bouviér Smart, aka Jack B Smart.   Jack B, you see, is a very girly girl who is into lipstick and eye liner and mascara and well, you get the picture.  Cosmetics.  She’s also a sometime PI.  Nothing official, though, like a license or a permit to carry a concealed weapon.   Though she does have pepper spray in a lipstick tube.   And she does have a knack for solving murders.   Thus, Cosmetic Case Notes.

Now, in case you’re wondering why she’s named after the former first lady, it’s because all of the women in Jack B’s family are named after former first ladies.  But Jack B is not a classy brunette.   She looks nothing like the fabulous Jackie O.   Nope.  Jack B more resembles Dolly Parton. . .if Dolly was tall and sang off-key.

Jack B’s ex-husband Lars ends up a ghost speaking inside her head in the first Jack B Smart mystery.  I thought as I started Book 2 in the series that Lars had moved on to his higher reward.  Turns out, he has unfinished business here on Earth.  This time he even has some. . .er, skills.  Maybe.  Jack is eager to have Lars go away for good.   But neither Lars nor she know why he is still Earth-bound or what his unfinished business is, and until they figure that out, she’s stuck with him and his smart ass take on her, um, activities.

I wrote this book after losing our eldest daughter to advanced cervical cancer.  No parent should lose a child, and I’m here to tell you it is every bit as horrible and tough as you can imagine.   Missing her is a constant ache.  I don’t want your pity, nor would my Kim, but we want you to, please, make sure that any woman you love or care about, friend, sibling, aunt, mother, daughter, wife, neighbor, or even yourself, have an annual pap smear.  This type of cancer is detectable with a pap smear, and if caught early, it is curable.  This cancer is caused by a virus.  Any woman can get it, even if no one else in your family ever has.

After losing Kim, I needed something to take me out of the dark hole I was in.  Jack B Smart did that for me.  She provided an escape into a world full of humor and suspense with lots of kooky characters–who might even resemble your own relatives or friends.  She made me smile.  Maybe she can do the same for you.

Oh, one last thing, Jack B Smart is a recovering Man-o-holic.  She keeps choosing bad for her men.  So, she has sworn off men, but wouldn’t you know?  Sexy men and murder won’t let her be.


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One Response to YOU DON’T KNOW JACK!!!

  1. Laurie Ryan says:

    I LOVED Jack in this story. It still astounds me that you were able to write such a fun, quirky character during that period of your life. That’s the mark of a good writer. As for Jack, I can hardly wait to see more of her self-deprecating who-done-it solving. 🙂

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