A lot of you have read my posts about Ms. Spooky.  She is our adopt-a-cat.  I decided I should post some photos of her, and that’s when I discovered how really camera shy she is.  I’m going to insert some photos so you can see for yourself.

Spooky is a lion.

Spooky showed up on our doorstep about 6 years ago, literally starving to death.  Her fur, which is a silky sable brown, (it photographs black, but isn’t) was, at that point, half gone.  Her fur was then a mottled orange and brown shade.  She seemed to be wearing thigh high brown velvet boots.   The twin bones just below her head were as thin as sheets of paper.

This is the side she always shows us.

My guy said I should put some food out for her.   So, I did.   But we were NOT getting a pet.  Up to this point, I always said my guy was the only pet I wanted.  I get too attached to pets and then when they don’t live to be 100, it kills me.  Thus the “no pet” rule.  Been there, done that.

Best laid plans, right?  One thing led to another, and while I was away at a book conference, I phoned home one night, and my guy said, “Guess who’s inside with me?”

Purr, purr, purr.

Did I mention she has “glowy” eyes?

Of course, you know how the rest of the story goes.  She now owns us.  The house is her domain; she just lets us live here with her.  If she could feed herself and clean her own cat box though, we could find ourselves on the street.

Spooky is a very loving cat.  We were actually blessed the day she arrived.  We just didn’t know it then.

Spooky looking out my office window.

Since her fur is very long and very silky as soon as the warmer months begin, so does the shedding.  Fur flies all over the place and even comes out in clumps, no matter how much brushing she gets.  She has a serious problem with fur balls during Spring and Summer.  We started getting her a lion cut and discovered she is a much smaller cat than she appears to be with all that fur.  🙂

Spooky got her name, not because she seems to be a black cat–which is what most folks assume–but because she spooks at every little sound.  She does this so much I worry that something will startle her so badly one day her heart will give out.   I guess she went through a lot of trauma before she found us.

Spooky nestled in the pillow shams.

But she’s living like a princess now.   She likes being tucked in like a baby for her naps.  She talks to me all the time.  She understands the words “treats” and outside.   She can meow like a Siamese, but she’s actually a breed called Chantilly.  She dances like a Meercat across the sliding glass door when she wants in.  And she has eyes that glow like a halogens in black tunnel.  As you can see below:

Spooky in Scary Cat mode.

She might be camera shy, but she makes a great Halloween kitty.  LOL.   BTW, I love Halloween and my adopt-a-cat.

Are you a cat person?

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13 Responses to CAMERA SHY KITTY

  1. Jami Boan says:

    we have one of those cats that adopted us. Our cat has 24 toes, is black semi sorta long hair cat with the glowing eyes but she isn’t afraid of anything. And she doesn’t like me unless she’s out of food. Of course she was pregnant when we decided to keep her and she had 2 cats one which didn’t make it. since the one that didn’t make it was a mostly white and black spotted cat and the other that did make it was solid black we think our cat was a little bit of a “rounder”. Anyways the black cat kitten we kept (that is a story in it’s self) and having six “bottles” to himself, he became “Bubba the tick”. Bubba is now a 22 and we love them both. Plus we got a diluted calico that someone threw on the highway…….her name is highway and she is the most loving cat you could ask for. And throughout all this, I would have to tell you that I like dogs. Cats I can take or leave, but they are slowly reprogramming me to the correct way…………..

  2. Caron Tweet says:

    I loved this blog!!! I’ve often wondered about Spooky! I love kittens, but I’m more of a dog person. Although my son had a cat I adored & had live with me. If someday a kitty shows up, I wouldn’t object. We have a 12 yr old black lab mix who rules our home like Spooky rules yours. Reno lets us live here, but is very vocal when we irritate him. And the not living to 100 deal? I can’t even think about it. My BBF (husband) has been looking at pictures of dogs, trying to interest me. I think he’s preparing me :(. Thanks for telling us about Spooky! I love Halloween too. And the picture of Spooky snug in the comforter was adorable!

    • Adrianne Lee says:

      Seriously, Caron, cats being fickle, she no longer sleeps there, but when she did, she would meow at me that it was time for her nap and I’d have to take her in and tuck her into those pillows just so, as though she were a baby being put down for a nap. LOL. Isn’t that funny? It was a daily thing with her.

  3. Lavada Dee says:

    I’m a cat person now. I wasn’t until we got Rue. Like your Spooky she was abandoned but didn’t hit the streets. Our granddaughter got her from a feed store that had taken her in. She was still a baby. And, like Spooky she only comes out for some people. We have friends that have never seen her. She’s around 8 now and the only thing I hate is the fur balls. I got some stuff in a tube she loves so maybe that will help her. And, me. She doesn’t go outside at all, again it’s to big and scary out there for her.

    • Adrianne Lee says:

      Spooky is very people friendly after the initial run and hide. She just loves being petted. She’s no fond, however, of little kids. She won’t come out of hiding when they are around. Our two little grandsons scare her silly. I like how she sniffs the air whenever someone besides Larry or I are here. It’s soooo cute.

  4. Karen Papandrew says:

    Really nice post, Lee. You weren’t kidding about her eyes. They do glow in the dark!

  5. Laurie Ryan says:

    Ahhh, Spooky is adorable. And I’m a cat person, too. Isn’t it funny how these animals find us? We got home from a vacation and I said to my husband I’d like to get another cat. The next day our son calls us about a kitten who was rescued from some jerks trying to throw him up on a roof. He came to us scraped up and purring. What kind of cat can still purr after that kind of ordeal? Amazingly, he’s a very trusting cat. And very laid back, which explains his almost 17 pound weight. 🙂

  6. Kate Douglas says:

    I’ve always loved cats but my husband is horribly allergic to them, something we learned when our two were sleeping on the bed and he began having serious asthma attacks. Kicked the cats outside, washed the bedding and no more asthma. Considered whether to keep the man or the cats, and the man won. 😉 Anyway, when the cats finally passed on (sisters, both gone at 17) we knew that was the last of the felines. Our dog, however, owns us.

    Our daughter’s big black cat, Sylvester, gets a lion cut in summer, too. He absolutely loves it. Sarah said he lies still for the groomer and rolls over when he has to.He was a rescue as well, found clinging to a chain link fence on the side of the highway.

    And so cool that you found Spooky and Spooky found you. Sometimes things are just meant to happen, ya know?

  7. Adrianne Lee says:

    Spooky doesn’t like getting cut, Kate, but she doesn’t give anyone any trouble about it either. She just wants it over so she can get back in her carrier and come home. I have found I’m more allergic to dog fur or dander than to a cat’s. But too much fur clogs my sinuses instantly. I made the mistake of staying with Spooky this last time as she was getting shaved and I was sorry for several hours later. Thank goodness I don’t have asthma. But I felt like I had a huge fur ball in my throat for a couple of hours. Yuck. 😉

  8. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an extremely long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyhow, just wanted to say superb blog!

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