JackNewCover7I am loving this new cover for YOU DON’T KNOW JACK.  This is my first self-published book, the one that I wrote after we lost our beautiful Kim.  The world was embracing all things dark and Paranormal then, but I could not write anything dark after losing our daughter.  I needed something light to hang onto, something to cheer me up, or I’d go under.

But let’s face it, my genre was always romantic suspense.  That’s where my heart has always been.  The market for those books, however, was beginning to disappear.  The next best thing was cozy mysteries.   My whodunits have always had a bit of an edge to them, and I wasn’t sure I could write a cozy.

I started plotting YOU DON’T KNOW JACK by using Debbie Macomber’s list of 20.  That’s where you take a sheet of paper (or use your cell phone or tablet), number a sheet from 1 to 20, set a timer for 15 minutes or so, and  jot down everything that comes to you that might be used in the story, even if the items seem silly or farfetched.  You won’t use all of the items, but you will find key story elements in that list.

The first thing that came to me was this line, “I don’t do men.”  When you read Jack’s story, you’ll see how that fits into it.  The next item on my list was also a line of dialogue: “That’s like sayin’ I don’t do men, darlin’.”  and thus the character of Lars was born.

YOU DON’T KNOW JACK has been available exclusively on for over a year now, but with this new cover, I just released it on smashwords, , and amazon.  And it’s now LIVE!!

This is book #1 of a planned Jack B Smart mystery series.  I do have book #2 started.  Working title:  Jack B Lean or The Skinny on Jack.  In book #1, the heroine, Jack B. Smart, is an aspiring mystery writer, but her life is not going as planned.  One rejection after the other for her stories.  (Can’t we all relate to that?!)  Her father, a cop, was murdered when she was only 8, his murder still unsolved.   The last thing she wants is danger in her life, but her inherited man-crazy gene puts her smack into the line of fire both physically and romantically.

After a disastrous romantic entanglement, she swears off men, but sexy guys won’t leave her alone.   Especially one very sexy Seattle homicide detective.  And then she stumbles on a dead body and somehow manages to get her best friend accused of the murder. At that point, she has to no choice but to find the real killer.  She has all kinds of help, including 3 elderly, gun toting mamas, and the ghost of the murder victim.

YOU DON’T KNOW JACK made me laugh as I was writing it, I hope it does the same for you as you read it.

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