WORD. . .? WORD PERFECT. . .? OR. . .?

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I started out writing in Word Perfect when it was in DOS.  Yes, I’ve been writing that long.  And for those youngsters who don’t know what DOS is, let’s just say it was before there was a thing called Windows.  Software, as well as computers, have come a long, long way since then.  Thank goodness.  Don’t you love technology?  I do.

Anyway, the reason that I have always preferred Word Perfect is that it is very writer friendly.  Word, in my opinion, is for writing business letters or business documents, but is a pain in the muse for anyone writing a book.  I cannot figure out why Microsoft has never developed or offered a Word version just for book writers.  Someone put that in their suggestion box, please.

Over the years, I tried to use Word and found it more difficult than a Chinese puzzle.  I even took an online class to learn how to use it.  I ended up frustrated trying to apply the use with my writing needs.  Instead, I stuck with Word Perfect and saved my manuscripts in rtf to send to my editor or agent.

This year, however, as I started writing DELECTABLE , Book #1 in my Big Sky Pie romance series, I finally broke down and started working in Word 2007 (since that was the newest version I had).  I have a friend who is proficient in that version, and if I get stuck or want to toss the laptop across the room, I go to her for help first.  And I discovered I could change all of the keystrokes to WP ones, since that is where my fingers automatically go.  So far, I’m managing, if not loving, Word.

But the biggest and most difficult thing for me has been trying to get used to writing to word count instead of writing by chapters.  My deadlines are really close together.  I write much slower than I need to be doing, and every time I think I have finally written x amount of words, I find a bunch of sentences that need to be deleted, and there goes my word count.  The frustration of this drags at my creativity, and my writing suffers.  I’m trying really hard not to obsess about word count.  To concentrate on the story and just write.  But since word count is what I’m aiming for, it’s always there like an itchy insect bite.

Word. . .love it?  Or hate it?

Word Count. . .love it?  Or hate it?

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One Response to WORD. . .? WORD PERFECT. . .? OR. . .?

  1. Laurie Ryan says:

    Lee, I never worked in WordPerfect, so only know Word. But word count is what keeps me going. I’m a HUGE word count fan. If I decide I want (or need) to get 10,000 words in this week, the countdown is on. I’m checking that word count ALL the time. And when I hit goal, I LOVE the feeling of keeping it going.

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