What happens when you bring a new cat into the family?  Not sure how Ms. Spooky is going to take this when she finds out.  Even if she was also an adopt-a-cat.   See how spoiled she is now.   BTW, Spooky is a Chantilly.

Spooky nestled in the pillow shams.

Spooky nestled in the pillow shams.

We found some cats that might be her younger cousins.  Three cats were on the job site my husband is currently working.  He and his foreman have grown attached to these homeless, perhaps feral, CHANTILLY cats.  Same breed as Spooky.  The men started out bringing some cat food to work.  The littlest cat was the friendliest.  Always begging for attention and petty.  But before they could secrete that one away, the owners of the property captured it and took it to a local humane society where it is sure to be put down.

The men became so distraught that the other two cats would meet this fate, they borrowed, without asking me or telling me, Ms. Spooky’s cat carrier.  Today, they showed up with one of the other cats.  They had caught both of them, but the oldest is very good at outwitting humans.  His self-preservation instinct if finely honed.  He somehow managed to lift the heater vent cover, leap into the duct, and get outside.  LOL.  Pretty darned clever, if you ask me.  Okay, no one asked.

So, we put the captured one, who is about half the size of Ms. Spooky, into our storage room with some food and water and a litter box.  Later, when I went out to check on the poor, terrified kitty, she/he seemed to have disappeared.  When my guy got home, he was sure it had somehow slipped past me and escaped.  No matter how many times I tried to explain to him that that couldn’t have happened, he just didn’t quite believe me.

Until he found her or him (we don’t know which) hiding in a box that had another box angled across the top.   The cat let us pet it and even, finally, mewed a bit at us.  It had been eating food, but not using the litter box yet. I’m praying it knows how and will use it.  Also that it doesn’t have fleas or some other awful problem that Spooky might inherit.

It’s going to be an interesting next few days at our house.  For sure. Ms. Spooky is totally spoiled and kind of anti-social around other cats.  Hmm.  At least, now I’m glad I got Ms. Spooky her shots, even if she didn’t have the best reaction to them.   I’ll keep you updated as this unfolds.

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10 Responses to CATS ~ NOT THE MUSICAL

  1. Laurie Ryan says:

    Oooh, boy, you’ve got some interesting times ahead of you. I’m staring down at our five-year-old completely spoiled “Dude” and thinking no way can I bring another cat in here. He’d shred her. Lol. So I’m sending peaceful thoughts your way. And thanking your husband and his friends for being proactive to save the little guy. 🙂

    • Adrianne Lee says:

      I think you’re right, Laurie. But so far, the other cat is still in hiding.

      • Lavada Dee says:

        You and those guys are my kind of people. I don’t have friends that would abuse an animal. I worked with a local cat rescue org and I got so much more than I gave. Also got a few cats. 🙂

        Sending soothing thoughts to Ms Spooky and the two new guys, or gals. Gosh maybe better send some thought your way too. 🙂

  2. You know me, I’m a sucker for cat stories. I want to see some pics the new kitty, though.

    • Adrianne Lee says:

      Can’t post a pic when the cat won’t come out of hiding. Hoping that will change in the next day or so, but he/she has switched hiding places. Can’t find it today.

  3. Kate Curran says:

    I love this story and how these guys were worried about the cats. We “inherited” a kitten a year ago and it has been a definite challenge with our older cat who isn’t interested in “playing” with Porkchop. But how could we turn away a six week old kitten someone dumped here especially when he figured out how to push his way through the dog door in under an hour. We just figured it was fate and the other cat we’d lost (who had also been dumped a decade before) had led him to us.

  4. Katherine Allred says:

    Well, you learn something every day. I had a cat for 19 years. She passed a year and a half ago. I always thought she was half Persian, because her fur was semi-long and she had a ruff. Now I’m thinking she was the same breed as the Chantilly. Or at least half. Her mother looks just like her, but her father was huge black fluffy tom. And she was a one person cat, to the end. When I’d leave the house, she’d let me know she wasn’t pleased about it. And I wasn’t allowed to go into a room without her. Once when I had the flu, she’d lay on the bed beside me and growl at people walking down the sidewalk. Boy, I miss that cat.

  5. chantillywhite says:

    I just love that you have a Chantilly cat, LOL. One guess why! 😉 Hope the new kitty calms down and Ms. Spooky adapts. Good luck! I know my three would absolutely not tolerate a new kitty in the house, though they have learned to give way to my parents’ dogs when we visit them in Oregon!

    • Adrianne Lee says:

      LOL, Chantilly White. Chantilly cats have silky fur. If sometimes too much of it. But they are also loving cats and like to talk to you. Ms. Spooky has been a love. She showed up on our doorstep starving aback in 2006. We just adore her. She is soooo spoiled, and pretty smart too.

  6. Vella Munn says:

    What is it about vulnerable animals that brings out the protective spirit in many of us humans? It’s almost as if we’re hardwired to protect the defenseless.

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