Well, it’s been a few weeks since the crossed-eyed kitty came to live with us.  So far, we’ve only been able to keep him in the storeroom for fear that the shock of suddenly bringing another cat into our house will be too much for Spooky.  She is a very needy cat and easily spooked, which is how she got her name.  We’ve been slowly introducing the cats to each other.   But Ms Spooky is not interested.  She just hisses and runs away.

We finally named the little guy Fuzzy Wuzzy.  His fur is thick, dense, and causes my nose to twitch almost immediately after I’m around him.  I’m thinking I’m way more allergic to his fur or dander than I am to Spooky’s. But given he’s been living outside for a long time, it might be that a good bath with some good brushing could clear up my problem.  Don’t worry. I’ll let my groomer handle that.  I’m not trained to bath cats and am lousy at deep brushing them.

Tonight, we introduced them into the same room, our living room. Fuzzy was timid, but willing to play.  Or at least to meet Ms. Spooky.  He is such a lonely little dude.  He used to have two other cats with him constantly, but Big Guy could only capture Fuzzy.  The littlest one was taken away by the new owners of the property he was remodeling and likely given over to animal rescue.  The biggest of the three eluded capture.  Obviously that cat has been on his/her own a long time and is wily and wise to the ways of humans.

But Fuzzy loves getting petted and even wants to sit on Big Guy’s lap for a few minutes at a time.  He’s a little hyper.  Spooky will sleep there for hours, if he’d let her.  We are gradually getting him used to us and he’s adapting.  At first he’d run from us, now he runs to us.


This is Fuzzy curled between Big Guy’s feet. His eyes are glowing from the camera flash. Hopefully you can see how close his eyes are together, which gives him the cross-eyed look.


We really hoped he and Spooky could find some mutual ground.  But Ms. Spooky is Queen of this Castle, and she is not suffering interlopers.  She stood her ground, hissing and growling under her breath at Fuzzy, intimidating him.  But he’s young and curious and he kept hiding, then popping out to see if she’d changed her mind.  She hadn’t.


You can’t tell from this, but Ms. Spooky is a lot bigger than Fuzzy, yet she’s not big either. Her fur looks weird in this photo because she has a lion’s cut that is growing out, in an ugly way. LOL   She’s a sweet cat.  Usually. 

We will keep trying and maybe, eventually, Spooky will find a way to accept Fuzzy and realize he isn’t taking any love or attention away from her.  But at the moment, she’s pretty spoiled and getting older and she likes change about as much as I do, which is not much.  I didn’t intend to be a pet parent.  But here I am with not one, but two needy cats who’ve won my heart.  How did that happen?

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2 Responses to ADOPTED CATS . . . UPDATE

  1. Laurie Ryan says:

    Ahh, they are sweeties. I sure hope the find a way to get along.

  2. Adrianne Lee says:

    I’m hoping time will be the resolution. 🙂

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