As many of  you have probably heard, Amazon and Hatchette, my publisher, are at odds over some business issues.  As a result, Amazon has decided to not treat those of us published with Hatchette the same as they treat most other authors. THE GOOD NEWS is: Walmart is taking advantage of this lapse to jump in and help out a lot of the authors suffering sales losses in this dispute.  I am hoping it is resolved very soon, but meanwhile, I am thrilled to announce that I am one of the lucky ones Walmart is selling online. Delectable cover_lo resWalmart is offering these books at a 40% discount.  DELECTABLE, Big Sky Pie #1, mass market version can be purchased at this link for only $3.60.  (It’s over $5.00 elsewhere) http://www.walmart.com/ip/29269279

Feel free to pass this news along to everyone you know.

Oh, and don’t forget, DECADENT, Big Sky Pie #4 releases for all e-books June 3rd.

lee.decadent Take some pie along on that summer picnic.

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